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You see, we have to learn that, because the cars are much bigger in heaven. God, in giving us all free will, said to us: "Your will be done." Some of us turn back to him and say: "My will is that your will be done." That is obedience to the first and greatest commandment.

My clue, based on my purely personal observation of this kind of people, is that we often get bent out of human shape by our desire – in itself a very good desire – to find God's perfect will for us. The only thing common to all humanity that the gospel guarantees to free us from is sin (and its consequences, death, guilt, and fear), not suffering clue is something God did in fact give us: free will. There are a number of good reasons – for instance, so that our love could be infinitely more valuable than instinctive, unfree animal affection. As a teacher, I know that I sometimes should withhold answers from my students so that they find them themselves, and thus appreciate and remember them better – and also learn how to exercise their own judgment in finding answers themselves. He gives supernatural revelation to both: dogmas to our reason and commandments to our will. As long as you love God and act within his law, I think he wants you to play around a bit.Clue number six is the principle that many diverse things are good; that good is plural. The road to the beach is right and the road to the mountains is right, for God awaits us in both places. Take a specific instance where different choices are both equally good. As long as you stay within God's law – no adultery, no cruelty, no egotism, no unnatural acts, as, for example, contraception – anything goes. Is there one and only one way God wants you to make love to your spouse? Yet making love to your spouse is a great good, and God's will.Even for the same person, there are often two or more choices that are both good. He wants is an example from my own present experience.Since there is obviously a great truth embodied in both of them, which do we emphasize the most to resolve our question of whether God has one right way for us?I think the first and most obvious answer to this question is that it depends on which people are asking it.

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We have a tendency to emphasize one half of the truth at the expense of the other half, and we can do that in either of the two ways.

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