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Superboy finds he is using his inventions to set the town up so he can rob their bank, and stops him.

In the last panel, Amazing Man is in jail and he tells Superboy he will regret it as sure as his name is Luthor and Superboy thinks that he will be Superman by the time he gets out and that Luthor's talents might make him an arch enemy.

A flying costumed bald man probably in his forties appears in Smallville and starts helping people using his fantastic inventions.

He intends to throw the nation into a depression with the help of corrupt financier Moseley, but the story ends with Superman defeating him.The United States Department of War asked this story line be delayed from publication, which it was until 1946, to protect the secrecy of the Manhattan Project.Luthor vanished for a long time, coming back in Superboy #59 (Sept 1957), in a story called "Superboy meets Amazing Man".Scott James Wells, Sherman Howard, John Shea, and Michael Rosenbaum portrayed the character in Superman-themed television series, while Lyle Talbot, Gene Hackman, Kevin Spacey, and Jesse Eisenberg have portrayed the character in major motion pictures.Clancy Brown, Powers Boothe, James Marsters, Chris Noth, Anthony La Paglia, Steven Blum, Fred Tatasciore, Jason Isaacs, Kevin Michael Richardson, Mark Rolston, John Di Maggio, James Woods, and others have provided the character's voice in animation adaptations.

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