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There were also emails from men who were utterly confused, who wrote things like, “Why?” and “I don’t get it.” One 22-year-old guy questioned me about my profile pictures, two 19th-century photographs of Dickinson: But, for me, the most intriguing emails came from men who treated me like I was just an ordinary single lady, lookin’ for love. Every woman who has participated in online dating knows them.Here we were, two modern, educated women, and we had spent nearly two hours talking about our romantic relationships! Putting on my big-girl feminist cap, I said, “You know, there have been a lot of talented, amazing ladies, throughout history, who never coupled off. I didn’t want to be the sort of woman who spends her entire life talking about boys.I wondered aloud to my friend began to wonder: How would Ms. Would a lovelorn poet, obsessed with death and privacy, be able to woo a modern man?We laughed, and then went on discussing our own dating disasters.

And her work reminds me that love, like poetry, takes time to be fully felt and understood.Emily Dickinson, for example.”Emily Dickinson has long been my go-to gal amongst my single lady heroes.She was a virgin, unmarried, and a recluse, but, man, was she talented.Your friends keep bugging you about making it official, but you’re not there yet. “Promises Like Pie-Crusts” perfectly describes the fear of commitment and the uncertainty of an early relationship: “Promise me no promises, So will I not promise you; Keep we both our liberties, Never false and never true: Let us hold the die uncast, Free to come as free to go; For I cannot know your past, And of mine what can you know? Wondering how someone who knew you so intimately can suddenly meet you with indifference? It’s weird that a prickly old maid can describe us with such prescience and poignancy. Emily Dickinson, Emily Brontë and Flannery O’Connor have all had their moments on the big or small screen since the start of the year.” These poems are just two out of dozens that are equally apt. Our current world is different from theirs, but these secluded, single women can still speak so precisely and powerfully to our lives.

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  1. Ever since I found my predilections shifting towards this current state of affairs, I’ve been very keen to find others who understand my point of view, and it can be enormously upsetting to see someone who has a major international platform making us all look crazy.