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Disclaimer: None of the services described constitute a promise of employment or possible employment. We are exclusively a publicist and our actions are intended to gain exposure and visibility for our clientele. Caesars is obviously getting some of their losses from this casino location, as they have been bankrupted and their Vegas Casino is not really earning much. This casino beats most if not all casinos in all of America in revenue before Caesars took over.Now they still probably do, but once everyone comes to realization that this place is now just like one of the Vegas casino where it will just take your money, this place will fall, hard !We can't wait for the expansion, the introduction of good restaurants, and hopefully, some day, entertainment. Went to host station ask if they would do anything for my bday they said NO!! Harrahs cherkee never gives me rooms on weekend.l just called and ask they said 9.00 on internet rooms only 9!!! so he said hold on let me ask host he came back and said NO!!On way home stopped by new casino had a host finally come to me l thought great so l ask if anything for my bday said NO!!! I HAD RESERVATIONS LATER IN THIS MONTH SO I TOLD HIM TO CANCEL WONT BE BACK. This is a nice looking casino, but it is the worst casino as far as payouts that I have ever been to.I have had as much luck here as any casino o have been to! I like the casino but lately the wins are so horrible that it's a disappointment. Murphy refuses to send offers and comps, I don't play the table games, due to a bad dealer who lied to their manager and supervisor and when reviewing the video surveillance after I raised hell, they finally realized that it was a mistake, on their part but didn't apologize for the ride and bad treatment that occurred.. But I don't play there anymore, I feel like it's a charity case there. And experiencing the hope this helps too make a change. I have not been to Harrah's but just a few times and I have never had any luck!!And to be honest I don't think people care for the whole glamor of it. You play you lose and it supports the reservation.casinos are not a fundraiser... I just go too hang out with friends and I tell people not too play there. I know I don't go as often or spend as much as some do but it would be nice to win a little something sometimes!!

If you are platinum in Vegas or other areas for Harrah's, you are treated much better. We've visited the Murphy location three times in 8 weeks.

We only go to see if anything has changed and to keep our diamond status with ceasars entertainment .

We are always disappointed when we go to either of the harrahs cherokee casinos in NC.

We understand the notion of the random luck factor as it relates to slots but these slots are obviously rigged heavily against the patrons. The games are cool, won a little bit, but only enough too keep you playing. And gets worse even on a Saturday night the place is full, you dont hear the gaming of wins, or anything, mostly disappointing and all you're doing is losing.

They use something called server based gaming (as most modern casinos now do) but it's obvious that they have all of their slots set to about a 10% payout from the server itself. Cherokee casino is ok somtimes, mostly bad pay outs. I found that if you use your players card in the slots you will loose every time, I have a phone video too prove it. Great fishing on the reservation, and fun shops and great food.

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I think they're more concerned they don't win anything. It would at least give you some hope and something to look forward to if the machines didn't take your money so fast with no return of anything. I am part Cherokee so I would probably come out better just proving that I'm in the bloodline and getting my check from them every month than I would ever winning anything lol!

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