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It is unusual for a deceased married noble lady to be referred to by her unmarried title in the necrologies.

It is possible that "von Mochental" was the name of a second husband. Berthold's Chronicon of Zwiefalten names "Rapto eius alter filius [=Heinricus senior comes de Monte]"[1146].

Nearby a bone flute dating to approximately 42,000 years ago was found, the oldest known uncontested musical instrument.

The figurine was sculpted from a woolly mammoth tusk that has broken into fragments, of which six have been recovered, with the left arm and shoulder still missing.

Conard of Universität Tübingen Abteilung Ältere Urgeschichte und Quartärökologie pushed back the date of the oldest known human figurative art, (Swabian German for "hollow rock") near Schelklingen, some 15 km (9 mi) west of Ulm, Baden-Württemberg, in southwestern Germany, by a team from the University of Tübingen led by archaeology professor Nicholas Conard, who reported their find in Nature.

The figurine was found in the cave hall, approximately 20 m (66 ft) from the entrance and 3 m (10 ft) below the current ground level.

The discoverer, anthropologist Nicholas Conard, has said: "This [figure] is about sex, reproduction...

m [UODILHILT Gräfin von Wartstein, daughter of --- (-29 Mar ). id=c Ud SAAAAc AAJ&pg=PA303&lpg=PA303&dq=Poppo Graf von Berg-Schelklingen&source=bl&ots=Qro Vtqxfhl&sig=ux9fel QGNk1nzm PYYPi T6p Zml5g&hl=fi&sa=X&ved=0ah UKEwi Lsq6Hp9z OAh WBO5o KHXmz BLw4FBDo AQgm MAE#v=onepage&q=Poppo Graf von Berg-Schelklingen&f=falseperson ID=I26491&tree=2 Lands/SWABIAN NOBILITY.htm#Poppo Berg MSophie1. '''POPPO''' (-11 Jul , bur ---, transferred to Zwiefalten). The necrology of Zwiefalten records the death "V Id Jul" of "Bobbo com de Berge, pater Hainrici senioris comitis de Berge"[1136].It is estimated that "tens if not hundreds of hours" would have been necessary to carve the figurine.In place of the head, the figurine has a perforated protrusion, which may have allowed it to be worn as an amulet.

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Graf Poppo & his wife had three children: a) '''HEINRICH (-Zwiefalten 24 Sep before 1116, bur Zwiefalten)'''. The necrology of Zwiefalten records the death "VIII Kal Oct" of "Heinricus com senior de Berge…sepultus in Capitolio" and his donation "cum patre suo Poppone et fratribus suis"[1141].

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