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When you notice your router won't boot normally and goes to ROMMON mode (showing the rommon prompt), it means that basically the router can't find a valid IOS image to boot from.The cause could be either one of the following* Valid IOS image file has gone missing, deleted, or corrupted (common case)* Router has been configured to boot from media that does not exist (less common case)* Router tries to boot up IOS image that is too big to fit into its DRAM (not that typical case)* Router crashes suddenly out of the blue (rare case)* Router has been configured not to boot up normally at all (one-in-the-million case)A router entering ROMMON mode is considered simple situation to remedy since it means of stable router configuration and of simple procedure to revive. When you have installed the wrong IOS (or one that is too big to fit into the router memory), the router may crash or boot to the ROMMON (ROM Monitor) prompt.By default the equipment (either router, switch, or ASA Firewall) will find the first boot-able image to use for loading and running.

The variables you need to enter directly at the ROMMON prompt to download IOS image from TFTP server to the router as TFTP client are the following: In a situation where there is no established network, the router and the TFTP server should be in the same subnet and should share the same default gateway.

command where you utilize TFTP to download IOS image.

With TFTP, you need to have a TFTP server that store the suitable IOS image and have your equipment set as TFTP client.

The router in this case is Cisco 1721 model which uses c1700 type IOS image file.

To match the above setting, here are ROMMON setting.

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This FAQ has been brought to help those that are unfamiliar around Cisco image troubleshooting process.

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